Once you have found the perfect dance class for you, have completed a trial and/or enrolled in your class, we will put together your invoice. Dance classes are invoiced per Term and must be paid promptly by the specified due date, to ensure we can provide the best service for our dancers. The prices below do not include GST, which will be added to your invoice from 2019.

If you require an alternate payment method, just let us know!

You can contact us any time via email at

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Important Information:

  • Above prices do not include GST which will be added to your invoice.

  • If fees are not paid by the due date listed on the invoice, they may be subject to an additional late fee.

  • Credits for missed lessons will only be provided in the case of serious injury/illness that lasts 2 weeks or more (medical certificate must be provided) or for an extended holiday lasting 2 weeks or longer (provided notice is given prior)

Payment Information:

Fees must be paid in full by the due date listed on the invoice. The following methods of payment will be accepted. Please note if you require an alternate payment arrangement such as a payment plan please let us know prior to the invoice due date and we will be happy to accomodate.


  • Reference (dancer’s name).

  • Account information will be provided on your invoice.


  • Payment to be made in person at the studio in an envelope with student’s name clearly written.

  • All cheques made out to GLM DANCE STUDIO.


  • Payment can be made using a debit or credit card at the studio. All card payment will incur a 2% surcharge.


  • To redeem an active kids or creative kids voucher, please provide us with the Dancer’s Name (as it appears on the voucher), their date of birth and the voucher number.

  • Please note, due to the processing time, vouchers submitted after the due date on the invoice will not be accepted.

  • Additionally, if your fees do not exceed $200, only one voucher may be used per term.