Styles & Classes

 In association with Ballet Australasia Limited (BAL) we offer graded classes in Ballet, Tap & Jazz, with optional annual examinations. We also offer a variety of open classes for all ages and experience levels. Our open classes cater to a variety of different styles of dance which are fun, energetic and offer a range of skill development beyond the syllabus.

It is our priority to ensure that new students are placed in the class most suited to their age and ability,
to encourage and maximise learning. Contact us and we can help you find the perfect fit!


Tiny Tots Dance

Ages 3-4 years

Combining music, movement activities, rhythm and dance, Tiny Tots Dance aims to build confidence and a love for dance for boys and girls. This class will encourage imagination while building on the fundamentals of dance in an exciting and enjoyable way. 

Beginners Ballet, Tap & Jazz

Ages 5-6 years

These beginners classes offer students a holistic introduction to their chosen style of dance following the Beginners BAL grade.


Graded Classes in Ballet, Tap & Jazz

Pre-Primary - Advanced Grades

Our variety of graded classes follow BAL syllabi, allowing students to grow and enhance their dance skills in their selected style through carefully formulated repertoire of movement. Graded classes offer students the opportunity to take part in optional BAL exams.

Contemporary Classes

Junior: 9-12 years
Intermediate: 13-15 years
Senior: 16+ years


Contemporary is an expressive, diverse style of dance that combines elements of a variety of genres including modern jazz, lyrical and classical ballet.

Hip Hop Classes

Junior: 10-15 years
Senior: 16+ years

Hip Hop is a street style of dance that incorporates strong and distinctive movements. Often performed to hip hop, urban or RnB music.


Musical Theatre

Ages 12+

Musical Theatre is aimed at developing skills across acting, singing and dancing. Students will learn how to combine all three disciplines into a musical performance. This class will cater to students strengths while also improving these skills through song and dance, improvisation, theatre games and vocal techniques.


Eisteddfod Troupe

Ages 13-16

Eisteddfod Troupe is a selective class, in which students must receive and invitation or undertake an audition to enrol. This class works on developing advanced dance skills and creating routines to be performed competitively throughout the year. Students who wish to join the Eisteddfod troupe must be participating in at least 1 additional class to continue to build dance technique. 


Senior Ballet & Tap

Ages 16+

These senior classes follow a more advanced syllabus of dance technique and cater to our more experienced dancers.

Open Adult Classes

Open Adult Dance, Ballet & Tap cater to adult dancers with various levels of experience. These classes are particularly suited to beginners, or those returning to dance. For those looking for an enjoyable way to work out and socialise, working on building dance skills, moving to the music and synchronising new moves with the group.